Introducing VMG Global Cure

Introducing VMG Global Cure, a renowned global consulting firm dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry. Our expertise lies in development, regulatory affairs, economic affairs, quality, and pharmacovigilance. Through personalized services tailored to each client’s unique needs, we have forged enduring partnerships and provided expert guidance and effective solutions, enabling their projects to thrive. With our support, success is within reach.

About VMG Global Cure

VMG Global Cure is a consulting company dedicated to offering specialized services to life science companies in the fields of regulatory affairs, scientific affairs, quality management, and market access for healthcare products.

Our Mission

At VMG Global Cure, our mission is to provide strategic guidance and customized solutions to our clients, ranging from emerging start-ups to established life sciences corporations. We aim to support their endeavors in developing and delivering healthcare products that improve the well-being of patients.

We foster a motivating and nurturing environment for our employees, offering ample opportunities for learning and growth.

Our Vision

VMG Global Cure aspires to contribute to a world where patients have enhanced access to a diverse range of safe, effective healthcare products, along with innovative treatments.



Dr. V.M. Guillemard, CEO of VMG Global Cure is a distinguished medical and scientific professional, an alumnus of the esteemed McGill University Faculty of Medicine, Canada’s top-ranked institution. With more than a decade of invaluable experience, she has been a sought-after consultant in the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors. Her exceptional expertise aids in the successful advancement of therapeutic molecules through the rigorous drug development journey, encompassing research, preclinical, and clinical phases. Dr. Guillemard’s reputation as a global authority in drug development is widely acknowledged among her peers. Her relentless dedication to advancing healthcare and improving patient outcomes makes her a true asset to the medical community.

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Our Core Values

Our company’s core philosophy, “VMG Global,” is the result of collective participation from every member of our organization. This collaborative spirit has enabled us to establish our values, mission statement, and principles that guide our actions and define our identity.

Integrity: We conduct ourselves in a transparent and equitable manner when dealing with both clients and employees. We prioritize confidentiality, establishing relationships built on trust and loyalty.

Team Spirit: We cultivate a culture of solidarity and respect for diverse perspectives, leveraging the strength of our team’s varied experiences and expertise.

Commitment: With clear and shared objectives, we approach our work with passion, proactivity, and a customer-centric mindset. Our goal is to build trust, loyalty, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Agility: We proactively adapt to meet the needs of our clients, embracing flexibility and maintaining a positive outlook to guarantee their success.

At VMG Global Cure, these values are deeply ingrained in our daily operations, shaping our business practices and driving us towards excellence.